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Eight of Cups


Consciously Moving Towards Something Better.

The Eight of Cups is a quiet yet powerful card. We see a man walking away from a slew of cups, bathed in moonlight. If you recall that Tarot cups represent emotions, art, joy and love we can assume his eight cups are filled with just that. Why then, do you suppose he is walking away?

I interpret this card as leaving a secure situation in search of something better. His tarot cups are full of good stuff. The figure on the Eight of Cups could have easily stayed with his cups. He could be drinking out of them, playing with them; yet, he is called to move on. Perhaps, he is searching for more cups to make a pyramid. It doesn’t really matter. Point is he is now on a quest. Note the walking stick he supports himself with. This implies age and wisdom gained. When was the last time you left a comfortable situation in search of something better?

The lesson of the Eight of Cups card is not to abandon the wonderful of your life in search of something else. Nor is it the implication something great is just out of reach. The lesson of the Eight of Cups lies within what personal gumption it takes for you to break out of your comfort zone. The trust and faith what good you have built will remain, even if you should leave it behind. By pushing forward you will only build on all that good.

Perhaps, you are a busy mom who wants to take an evening painting class. You’re guilty and worried your family will miss you one night a week.  The Eight of Cups says do it. You’ve built a strong family unit, they’ll adjust fine and you’ll be a better mother because you’ve been renewed through class. Perhaps, you have been offered a position in a fabulous new city but already enjoy a great living situation with tons of friends. The Eight of Cups says, make the move, you can always move back. The Eight of Cups might also be saying get off that couch and do some exercise, take a walk, get some air. The TV will still be there when you return, if you choose to return.

There is an air of challenge in the Eight of Cups and it always pays off in the end. What scares you just a little? What are you on the edge of doing? The Eight of Cups says, do it! Just think of the very next card in the deck. The Nine of Cups says your wish will come true!


2 thoughts on “Sasha Graham's Card a Day Tarot Blog – The Eight of Cups

  1. Good morning to you from sunny Greece!

    I know this is a very old post but I just discovered your blog and I’ve been reading it through – I love it, by the way! I’ve been doing tarot work for some years and I just wanted to add an 8 of Cups interpretation that usually suits me best:

    While 8 is an even number and could be easily divided to create 2 or 4 balanced rows of cups, in the picture the eight cups make an akward set of five and three. The way I see it, the balance and abudance in this man’s life is only superficial. While all others may think he has it all, something is just not right for him. Things are not in the right place, there is imbalance and perhaps, anxiety. That’s why he decides to depart, head hung low in disappointment. He’s looking for different things, a new, even, balanced form of hapiness in his life. His current situation may have the potential but it’s just not working for him. To me 8 of Cups is a card that shows personal disappointment and dissatisfaction, even when everybody else calls you to cherrish what you have and be happy about it.

    When this card comes up, I always say to the querant: “you know better, do what you feel is right for you”. The advice, as you write, is “move on, do it, leave it since it’s not what you want. Walk a different / new path”.

    And it certainly pays off at the end.


    1. Wow! What a fantastic interpretation! I love that you pointed out the uncomfortableness of the unbalanced row of five and three cups. Yes, well said and well stated!
      Lucky you in sunny Greece! I’m looking out the window at the snowy green mountains of Vermont right now. Brrrrrr!
      Take care!

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