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The World


The World Tarot card. Success, completion, euphoria and travel.

The World Tarot card represents the moment when you have stopped asking, craving, questioning, longing and hoping. The World appears and you are fulfilled, perfectly content, have achieved what you want and are at peace within yourself.

I was taking my road test. I nervously sat in the car with the tester – whose face, like the face of the man boy I lost my virginity to – will be etched in my memory forever. I had picked a Tarot card earlier – it was the World card. I chose again, from another deck, just to be sure. Why did I need to double-check my good news while bad news is always received at face value? I received the World card a second time and knew I would pass.

I did.

I celebrated by driving my husband and daughter around all day. Even hopped on the highway for a few exits! As the sun fell behind the mountains, we ate brick oven pizza overlooking a sparkling Catskill lake.

I thought about how the World card represents travel. I thought of other instances I had gazed at heavenly bodies of water. Whispering with my sister over the moody San Francisco Bay. Feeling like a doofis, getting a third degree sunburn on my ass in the aqua marine waters of Mexico. Sneaking onboard a Venetian ferry in the choppy Adriatic. Watching a rainbow appear over the North Sea off the misty Scottish Coast while trolling around a crumbling castle with my best friend.

Each of these moments contained a sense of wholeness. The beauty that surrounded me was enough to give me total satisfaction in where I was. In who I was at that moment.

This is the exact energy the World card emanates.

I looked at my daughter, tomato sauce speared across her grinning face. I looked at my husband, delighted and relaxed he hadn’t been behind the wheel of the car all day. I watched the sunlight twinkle across the lake. I love my world, I thought. I love it. If I wanted to – I could hop in the car and drive to the southern tip of South America. Perhaps, someday . . .


5 thoughts on “Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The World

  1. Riding in a taxi one afternoon between very tall buildings under a mauve and rosy sky; I began to bawl because I had everything I wanted and knew I would never be so happy again.FrancisScottKeyFitzgeraldFrancis Scott Key Fitzgerald, aka F. Scott Fitzgerald

  2. I love how you pinpointed the essence of The World card in describing how you felt. Connecting with a symbol at that level is always a sign to me that I’ve “gotten” it. Often, especially when just beginning to learn a particular oracle, I’ve found I’m too much in my head about the symbology and not enough “in my heart.” You’ve described beautifully exactly what the latter means…

  3. Thank you Jerome. It is amazing to really live within or experience the confines of any card – or oracle – for that matter. The trick is to remember that the archetypes or experiences are always there for us if we can get out of our own way enough to let them in.

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