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The Queen of Cups


The Queen of Cups represents the spiritual, artistic and psychic side of yourself. She can also be a person in your life. The Queen of Cups is an artist, a poet, a Tarot card reader. Cups represent the moist, damp element of water. Water can transform into elusive haze, fog, vapor or mist. The Queen of Cups appeared tonight as something entirely different. She was a phantom, a spirit, a specter.

I’m staying up late with the ghosts of Thanksgivings past . . .

It is four nights until Thanksgiving. We are at our farmhouse prepping for the holiday. We’ll return to the city for school and work before returning here to cook for twelve hungry Italians – all of them my husband’s family. It will be a very good holiday this year. I can feel it.

Crunchy snow covered the ground when we arrived last night. I awoke this morning, blessedly late, and peeked outside. Giant snowflakes whizzed by. I had forgotten how quickly winter comes in the mountains.

We’ve gone ahead and set the Thanksgiving table, complete with his grandmother’s vintage English china. At midnight, I walk past the table, to my favorite Saturday night ritual, bubble bath in the claw foot tub. Something peculiar caught my attention. Past the glimmering crystal glasses and pressed linen napkins, sat a person. Posture erect and completely at ease. A ghost!

Did my Queen of Cups once live in this farmhouse? Was she attached to the heirloom china I’ve set out? Was she a wandering soul who decided to take a break at my table? Who she could be? I haven’t the slightest. But I’m happy she is here.

The months between Halloween and New Years are so haunted. The Northeast’s landscape transforms in the blink of an eye. Fiery orange and red leaves wash from trees in chilly rains and the landscape becomes gothic and barren. The nights are long and cold. The holidays pack massive expectation and oodles of emotion. We take stock and reassess our lives – where we’ve been and where we hope we are going. We turn inward.

We get visited by lots of old ghosties when we make significant changes in our lives. I’ve been doing a lot of reassessing and changing as of late. So, I’m not surprised at all to see a visitor at my table.

I figure the Queen of Cups will be my guest of honor this year. If I stress out while entertaining, I’ll think of her. She’ll remind me cooking is a simple way to share pleasure with those I love. I’ll stay open to any advice she may have and look for her when we all join to say grace. We’ll stuff ourselves silly with cheeses, pasta, turkey, side dishes and way, way too much food. When dessert comes, I’ll be sure to make my Queen of Cups a sweet offering.

This year, I am grateful for my unexpected guest.

Who visits you this time of year? Do you ever have ghostly visitors? When you move inward who shares in your intimate thoughts? If you could summon any guest to your Thanksgiving table, who would it be?


12 thoughts on “Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Queen of Cups

  1. Enjoyed reading your post. Being an old Southerner I’m familiar with the large volume of “spirits” in our regional lore, particularly concerning holidays. Charleston and Savannah are great cities to check out. I wrote a novel based on a pair of reconstruction era ghosts from the central FL area.
    Have a happy T-Day Visit me at:

  2. It sounds like you’ll be having a wonderful Thanksgiving. As I read your blog the first thing that struck me is that maybe the Queen of Cups is you and reflects your ability to actually see the ghost. After all, how many of us wander through the haunted spaces and places every day and never notice the lingering essences of those who have passed on?

  3. Too many of us Debbie. I suppose, if one were operating completely within Queen of Cup energy, you’d pick up, sense and see all sorts of wild things! Do you think she is the medium of the deck?

  4. There may be a lot who can sense the ghosts but I don’t think they give it much thought. I do think the Queen of Cups is probably the medium of the deck. At her fullest potential she is intuitive, emotionally connected, sympathetic and open. She trusts her instincts. And I think all of those would be useful in a medium. It’s probably one of the reasons I’m not so comfortable with it. ;D

  5. I love your site–very informative. 🙂 I’m just completing a novel that features quite a bit of astrology/tarot/numerology info, and I haven’t been able to get back in touch with my numerology fact checker. I wondered if you know: what would be the 69th card of the tarot? I know there isn’t one anymore, and that the 79th was the Disciple in the Egyptian deck or the Storm in the Celtic tradition. I just have a reference to the 69th card but no rememberance of the archetype. Do you know or know where I can find out? I’m on a deadline to finish my book in a couple weeks. Thanks so much! Laura

  6. P.S.: I sense that your Queen of Cups is you of yesteryear, a previous incarnation visiting you as you reintegrate those aspects of yourself. I do a lot of past life/spirit work and agree that it’s common to see ghosts while making changes. Blessings, Laura

  7. Thanks Laura!
    I’m forwarding your question over to my teachers at The Tarot School. If anyone knows, they will.
    I love your interpretation of the lady at the table. Thank you for that.

  8. Here’s what my teachers, Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone, said about the 69th card of Tarot:

    If the Minors come first, followed by the Majors,
    the 69th card would be Death. (56 + 13 = 69)

  9. Laura,
    Yet another thought on the 69th card of the tarot is from “Numerology and the Divine Triangle”, by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker. They say it is the Ace of Pentacles. If you love numerology and the tarot, you will enjoy this book. I’ve referenced it for years and found it to be very accurate…

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