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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Shamrock Spread and the Three's of Tarot

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Green people are stumbling around New York City with beers hidden in brown paper bags. St. Patrick’s Day must be upon us . . . A million questions race through my mind. I wonder what this booze fest is all about anyway? What are the roots of St. Paddy’s? Will I accidentally step in pile of puke?

I called up my sensible Irish friend, Jillian Dougherty. Jillian grew up in Ireland. I listened to her soft Irish lilt as she said, “I’ll give ya the short version Sasha. Saint Patrick was a sheepherder. Whilst out with the sheep, he got to be very religious and spiritual. Probably all that time in nature.  Becoming a devout Catholic in England, Patrick went back to Ireland and converted all the Pagans (who were living like the American Indians) to Christianity. Then, for good measure, banned all snakes in Ireland.” I suppose killing off all the snakes was meant to banish evil?

I asked Jillian what was behind the symbolism of the Shamrock, “Oh, the Shamrock is a three leaf clover – not a four leaf like many people think. It is an allegory for the Cross. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.”

Wow! She mentioned the Shamrock as the Cross and I thought about the power of a triad and the number Three and how it all relates to Tarot. Father, Son Holy Ghost/Mother, Maiden, Crone/Mind, Body, Spirit/Three Pillars of the Tree of Life.

I teach my Tarot students that all Threes in Tarot suggest creativity. Three is the result, the offspring, of the Twos that have come before. The Empress, who represents complete and utter creativity, is numbered Three.

Think about a creative project you are or will be embarking on. The Shamrock Spread will tap into and examine your inner creative process.




1         2     




1. Your conception of creative work (passive).

2. The actions you take (active).

3. The result of your creative efforts (the child, offspring).

4. A negative aspect you can expel, like St Patty did with the snakes. What hinders your creative process? What can you get rid of?


Take out all the Threes in your Tarot deck. What do they have in common? How are they different?

Notice the difference between the Three of Cups and the Three of Swords?  Why do you think this is?

Notice the difference between the Three of Wands and the Three of Pentacles?

Why do you think these are so different?


8 thoughts on “Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Shamrock Spread and the Three's of Tarot

  1. Hey,

    I like this spread and the metaphor behind it.
    I will have to use it on my next reading!

    Brightest Blessings,
    Aurora, CO

  2. for the 3’s to represent creativity bringing into being…does the 3 of hearts represent a struggle or heart break with the creativity? I always have a hard time reading this card…thanks for any insights…smiles Brenda

  3. The Three of Swords can be a tough cookie! In readings, I’ve seen it represent a triangle love affair, bad weather, literally – heartbreak. Beth, at The Tarot School, associates the Three of Swords as the heartbreak of the mother and the Virgin Mary.

    However, in the context of this spread and in regard to creativity you can understand the Three of Swords in a different light. Think how often the creative act can be upset, by logical, linear thinking (which is what Swords usually represent). Think of the process by which an oil painting is created – from the inside out. It doesn’t make logical sense. Modern dance is probably not the most logical art forms – nor was Expressionism when it first evolved. For Method Actors, running around a classroom acting like a monkey or melting like an ice cream cone makes no sense.

    I look at The Three of Swords as what mental roadblocks emerge when you are faced with something completely new. When something new is born and you are forced to understand the illogical.

    Make sense?

  4. since you put it to an artist in that way…yes…I am logical in my thinking so this does make sense….thanks for your help!!! I will work with it in my reading on Sunday…

  5. i came across your website when i was doing my own reading. its a variation of the celtic cross. and i got three three cards. upright of pentacles (for self perception). upside down three of cups (for advice). and the an up sidedown three of swords (for conclusion/outcome). i just wonder if there is anything to be said for a bulk of the threes to be coming up?

  6. Hi Sophia,
    Well, like I said above, three’s suggest creativity and a ton of growth. The duality of the two’s have “given birth” so to speak. So, in regard to your question, I’d say there is a ton of potential and things that will happen.

    If this was a three card reading and you got three of the four Tarot suits, it might also be interesting to note which suit did not appear, in your case Wands. Is there an absence of passion or energy in regard to your question? Perhaps the answer is to drum up some excitement?

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