Sasha Graham Tarot Diva Blog – Cracking Up with The Devil Card

The esoteric function of The Devil Tarot Card, as explained by my Tarot teachers at The Tarot School, is laughter. What does this mean? It means that when The Devil card appears in a reading, it potentially means a belly laughing good time! Think about it . . . no one has a better time than The Devil. Keep this in mind when he rears his raunchy head.

Yuck it up and check out the genius cards below. Created by Winston Rowntree the innovator behind Virus Comix.

I especially enjoy The Douchebag card . . . a reversed Knight perhaps? Thanks Winston!


6 thoughts on “Sasha Graham Tarot Diva Blog – Cracking Up with The Devil Card

  1. Sasha, I love your blogs. I’ve been attempting to connect with the cards for a while and the flashcard approach that most books teach leave me dry. I love your perspective and humor and am learning the cards a lot faster because of it.


  2. Hey Bob,

    Isn’t it awesome?!?! By medium, I think you mean what does he do? Comics, digital comics. I asked if he’d ever be interested in publishing a humorous Tarot deck and although the idea was appealing to him, he claimed to have a very full plate.

    You can contact him directly if you click on his name up top 🙂

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