Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – A Queen of Cups Moment

The Queen of Cups is a woman whose greatest quality it the capacity to feel. She is deeply empathetic, emotional and may just be the ideal Tarot reader due to her depth of understanding. Should the Queen of Cups appear in a reading, she may represent qualities of yourself or another person in your life.

The Queen of Cups is connected to element of water and all of the emotional fluidity water represents.

Why don’t you embody The Queen of Cups today? For five minutes? Why not? All you have to do is forget yourself. Feel the world around you and become enraptured . . .

Let your emotions carry you away. Skinny dip. Listen to Italian opera. Watch your favorite film. Daydream. Eat chocolate. Kiss deeply. Love thoroughly. And remember La Dolce Vita!


5 thoughts on “Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – A Queen of Cups Moment

  1. go, Cups!

    As an empath, psychic reader and woman with brown hair and blue eyes, I’m rather fond of the Queen of Cups. You’re right- she’d make a good tarot reader, but from experience, I think she’d be even better as a palm reader 🙂


  2. Palmistry(according to the system I use) is extremly tuned into the individual read, with a strong emotional/ empathic connection with the client, more direct than you get with tarot, where you have the cards as kind of a processor for the energy.

    I have one friend who professionally reads both but won’t do palms in a group setting( like a renn faire) because it’s so emotionally draining ( I seem to manage, but that’s just me)

    given the “touchy-feely” emotional skills of he Queen of Cups, it’s a great match with palmistry

    By the by, I’m definitely not saying one is better than the other-to me, they’re two different modalities with different skill sets

    Hope that explains better


  3. You’re welcome!

    As a “hands-on girl”/palmist who falls under the Queen of Cups both physically and in my approach to things, I’m kinda tuned in to this

    I’m also married to a King of Cups guy

    Go Cups!


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