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Sasha Graham Tarot Diva Blog – The Five of Pentacles

The Ides of March bear upon us, a spring Nor’easter screams through the canyons of New York City and I continue to be saddened by news of friends plagued with relationship trouble. Springtime equals growth but growth often accompanies unavoidable pain.

The Five of Pentacles is often understood as a perilous Tarot card, signifying a tough time, financial hardship and struggle.

The Five of Pentacles recalls the ups and downs of our relationships. All couples have their biorhythms, so to speak. When the Five of Pentacles appears, it suggests things are tough but you can weather the storm. These struggles are precisely the moments that define you as a couple. That with the bitter comes the sweet. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

The beauty and hope thriving within the Five of Pentacles card comes via the bright light shimmering through the stained glass window above the couple. Salvation is possible should they choose to seek it.

Should the the Five of Pentacles appear for you and you happen to be going through a tough time, let it stand as a reminder things will get better. You will make it through stronger, tougher and wiser.

This gorgeous Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush song and video is a perfect example of a Five of Pentacles moment. You may use this song as a reminder that hope and optimism thrives inside the murky and muddy Five of Pentacles.


2 thoughts on “Sasha Graham Tarot Diva Blog – The Five of Pentacles

  1. Hi Sasha,

    I find your blog very insightful. I had a question on the 5 of pentacles: When it appears as the outcome of a relationship, do you see this as the couple going through tough times but still sticking it out together? Could it possibly indicate a break up / separation?


  2. Thanks Chandi,

    Of course, each reading is different but if the Five of Pentacles came up as an outcome card for a relationship, I’d say there is work to be done.

    We can look at fives in Tarot as the halfway point to the completion of the tens, this is why the fives are all so dramatic and rough. The Fives are the middle act.

    I wouldn’t say there is a break up, I’d say the relationship is at the half way point to where the couple is going. Where is the couple ultimately going? You could pull a clarifying card . . .

    Hope that helps and thanks so much for reading 🙂

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