Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – “Tarot Diva” is set for publication in 2011 from Llewellyn Worldwide!

Tucked inside a dusty farmhouse, sitting at a wooden desk that smelled like an old book, I wrote my very first story. Giving my 6th grade fantasies form and shape, I wrote about the popular 8th grade boy with whom I was madly in love.

My stories were simple. We would meet at a party. He would take me out to the moonlit yard and gently, ever so softly, kiss my lips.

He and I never had a real life embrace. Oh well. Norman Lindsay cleverly says, “The best love affairs are those you never had.”

Luckily, I went on to kiss many a handsome man in the ensuing years. On a subterranean level, bobbing through my watery subconscious and within each thrilling first kiss, I was also kissing my first crush. My body gave physical form and lip locked expression to an emotion first experienced as I gazed at my crush longingly.

More importantly, with each delicate kiss I was to savor, I was living out the story I had written alone at my desk.

I’m writing again.

This time, the subject is Tarot . . .

Tarot, like romance, is an art form that you and I can explore physically, sensually and completely.

Come 2011, I’ll be waiting for you. You may uncover me on the hallowed ground of your favorite bookstore. You might order me online. Borrow me from the library. Download me. However our paths cross . . . I do hope you’ll open my pages and thumb through my text.

Doing so, we’ll travel together. We’ll embark on a journey that began in my imagination but ends in yours.

Together, we’ll bring each and every Tarot card to life. I’ll show you how to have your way with the world through a deck of cards!

My book, Tarot Diva is set for release from Llewellyn Worldwide in 2011.


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