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Sasha Graham Tarot Diva’s Dickens Christmas Ghosts Tarot Spread

The snow’s falling on Fifth, city electric and your hands feel like ice cubes. Put down your bags. Pull up a seat. I’m sensing you’ve brought a ghost or two to my Christmas tree and I think they’ve a message for you.

Click play on the video below, light our fire and pull your seat closer to mine.

Take out your Tarot cards. Specters in the shadowy corner? I’m sensing something . . . not quite human.

The three phantoms in Charles Dickens’, “The Christmas Carol” do Scrooge a tremendous favor. They offer Scrooge a perspective he is not able to see for himself. Tarot offers us this same perspective . . .

Would you say there is a truth you’ve not yet understood in your perception of life? Something yet to be learned? If you agree than take this pen and paper. Shuffle your Tarot deck.

We will perform a three card spread:

Card One: The Ghost of Christmas Past Shuffle and think about holidays past. See yourself in the mind’s eye of your childhood self. There is a moment you have forgotten, a truth you didn’t quite grasp, a story lost in the muddy annals of memory. When you are ready – only when ready, flip Card One. Let the card jog your memory. Allow the imagery on the card help you to recall what it is. When you can sum it up in a sentence or two, write it down on the paper. This is the message from your Ghost of Christmas past.

Card Two: The Ghost of Christmas Present Shuffle and think about your current life. Think of people close to you. Lovers, friends, family. Hold one person you love in your mind’s eye. When you are ready,  flip Card Two. This Tarot card will evoke something you didn’t know about your loved one. A way that you can help, aid, support and lift them up. Once you know what this is, write it down on the paper. This is the message from the Ghost of Christmas Present. This message is a gift you may offer to the person you love.

Card Three: The Ghost of Christmas FutureYou are not a creature thrust into the cruel hands of Fate. You create your future. You are doing it right now! Shuffle and think about what lies before you. What delicious adventures await? What goals have you set? To what heights will you soar? See yourself in your mind’s eye just as you’d like to be a year from now. What are you wearing? What are you doing? What have you created? What is making you giggle with delight? Now flip a Tarot card. This Tarot card holds a message on how you will create this. When you know what your message is, write it down. This is your gift from the Ghost of Christmas Future.

That was lovely and quite surprising wasn’t it? Stay a while and tell me more about you and your Christmas ghosts. The fire is so lovely and I’m dying hear all about it  . . .

I used the Ace of Wands to light my fire:

For more information on The Ace of Wands visit The Shi Symbol.


5 thoughts on “Sasha Graham Tarot Diva’s Dickens Christmas Ghosts Tarot Spread

  1. Sasha, that was terrific.. thank you for the experience(especially loved the fire crackling).
    I didn’t comment when I first read it because I didn’t understand my cards very well. But, since then, I did some work with it and can see so much more clearly what some of the messages were. For instance, using The Spiral Tarot, for the “past’ I got XIX The Sun..my Birth Card. What kept coming to mind was the XIX of it.. what was I doing when I was 19? and that had to do with the Sun card? confusion. That night I was at James’ special holiday tarot meeting and we chose a card that would get us to our vision of ourselves next year at this time. My vision for myself was to be sharing my gifts with the world in a way that was comfortable, even joyous for me. The card I chose(face up) was the 3 of P’s.. in the Spiral Tarot deck that is a ballerina, center stage, in the spotlight. I chose it because I had avoided choosing it earlier.. it made me uncomfortable. But when I revisitesd your “Scrooge Spread” this morning and tried again to remember what I was doing at 19.. it all came together for me.. ‘Aha’.. I was dancing onstage in the spotlight, in love with my leading man(of course) and feeling sooo fully alive. I was very aware in those days that being ‘onstage’ was what made me feel fully alive.. how could I have forgotten that??
    Thanks for being the catalyst for my remembering that I am NOT uncomfortable in the spotlight.. I feed on it! Hah!
    I am still a little stuck on the ‘future’ card though.. perhaps you can help me…
    I saw myself a year from now as not feeling separate at Christmas, but happily surrounded by my family all together(kids and grandkids) and with a partner as well! The card I got for creating the all togetherness was Princess(page) of Swords.
    All I can think of is Truth.. messenger of truth. For the ‘partner’ aspect of not being alone next year I got the 6 of Cups. In the Spiral Tarot it is a man and woman looking into the past together. I’m blank on that one.
    Got any ideas? Merry Tarotmas, Judy

    1. Hi Judy,

      I’m so happy this Dickens spread was a useful one for you. You know, I always look at the Page or Princess of Swords as the Nancy Drew card. You know that clever way she has of slicing through to the truth and putting it all together in a genius way. She also suggests great fun to me with her youthfulness.

      As for the Six of Cups regarding partnership, that card always reminds me of the happiness and comfort of youth. The goodness you felt when you were protected. The Six of Cups is also so optimistic in regard to it represents overcoming that nasty Five of Cups.

      How this all applies? I think the Six of Cups is a reminder to think back to younger days, what elements made you safe and protected in younger relationships. Once you have identified what made you happy then (and only the healthy good stuff), you are free to begin treating yourself to people and things that bring you that same measure of happiness right now.

      What elements can you foster right now? Do you seek understanding from another? Make an effort to connect with an old friend who understands you. Do you want a sexual aspect? Start pleasuring yourself every day. Any action you can take that will bring you closer to the feelings fostered by a healthy relationship will bring you that much closer to it. I’ll bet dollars to donuts a partner will appear 🙂

      Does that make sense? The Six of Cups is there to remind you how delicious and wonderful it will feel.

      Happy Holidays!!!

      1. Thank you, Sasha, for those insights.
        Love your take on the 6 of cups.. Yummy!
        As it turned out, my wish for next year came true on Boxing Day(day after Xmas). I was surrounded by my kids and grandkids and cooking for them. My little Christmas miracle. It IS “a Wonderful Life”. I so hope your week-end had some wonderful surprises too.
        …and a happy new year, Judy

  2. Hi there, I just ran across your blog and I really like it. I’ve been getting back into Tarot a bit after a little hiatus. Loved this post since I live with an actual ghost, and I used Tarot to help figure out who he was! I’m blogging about that myself if you like a good ghost story.

    I’ll be back often, I love your writing style and the good info. Thanks! 🙂

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