Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – Using Celebrity Meltdowns to Understand the Courts

Everyone’s talking about him, dare I utter his name? Charlie Sheen, there I said it.

When a celebrity veers off track in a public way, as celebrities have a habit of doing lately, it gives us opportunity to re-examine the court cards in a context everyone is familiar with.

The same way we find personal truth in celbrities ie – Mel Gibson embodies our embarrassing anti-semitic uncle whom we avoid at holiday parties. We see glimmers of our drug addicted, manic brother in a Charlie Sheen rant. Perhaps we even catch shades of ourselves. I challenge any woman who’s lived through the ages of 16 – 20 to tell me that they haven’t had a Britney moment at least once . . . c’mon ladies, fess up.

When we understand the tarot court, we are given a new lense with which to view other people and ourselves. Having keywords to help us remember certain cards can be helpful.

I’d say Charlie Sheen is being a big old reversed Knight of Wands right now.












Here’s Why:

~ We can understand the card’s reversal by the fact his energy is blocked.

~ Wands are the actor suit representing fire, passion and enegmatic charisma. If the x-factor belonged to a suit, it would be wands.

~ Charlie comes from Hollywood royalty, we can examine Martin Sheen as a King of Wands figure.

~ Knight energy is full of hormonal, male “teenlike” energy which explains all the hookers and drugs.

So my question to you dear reader, what card does Charlie Sheen need to help him budge out of his reversal? If you could offer one card’s energy as a gift to Mr. Sheen, which card would it be?


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11 thoughts on “Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – Using Celebrity Meltdowns to Understand the Courts

  1. Great look at the Knight of Wands Sasha. This boy could do with a total, rather than semi-total Tower card experience. Imagine his walls coming completely down leaving a clear and wide space for restoration and healing to occur. His deterrent energy of holding up the false-self would be no more and the true self, the one who lives by the Knight’s code, can finally step in.

    1. The tower was the card I was thinking of right away. It would help him to rebuild and heal. And now that I wanted to put my comment down I am seeing that Carrie also came up with this card. I am curious which one you would pick Sasha.

      1. Tower, that’s so interesting . . . my first thought was to offer him the Star card – the space and ability to look clearly at his situation and make adjustments accordingly. But you can’t get to the clarity of the Star without that crumbling Tower . . . so I’ll hop on your Tower bandwagon. Well said ladies!

    2. Absolutely the Tower! Anyone who has anyone close to them that has been anywhere near a 12-step program knows that “hitting bottom” is a necessary part of the recovery process.

      Yes, sometimes the Tower needs to shatter and burn, and sometimes a hard fall is the only thing that can wake us up.

      It is only sad for those watching from the sidelines who think “It doesn’t have to be that hard.” Maybe sometimes that’s exactly how it has to be.

  2. What a great way to think about the cards!
    I would go with the Nine of Cups reversed… taking pleasurable experiences WAY too far and going off the rails with instant gratification.
    And definitely agree with Carrie to say that he needs a Tower experience ASAP… maybe this is it for him? Or maybe the Tower in his case is reversed – he’s going through the turmoil but just not getting the idea that he’s hit rock bottom and it’s time to shift gears a little.

    1. I love your take on the Nine of Cups reversal. Too much pleasure and instant gratification. Almost like a backwards spiral ending with the Five of Cups ~ hard core addiction.
      Here’s to hoping Charlie’s Tower moment doesn’t happen on camera.

  3. Yes, Sasha, I agree that Sheen’s definitely in a Knight of Wands reversal. In order to get him out of this, I first thought that the 4 of Cups would be appropriate. Take a time out, be away from the outer world, in nature somewhere and definitely refuse any offers of interviews and of course, drink and drugs…

    However, when I asked the cards what would be best for him, I drew the 10 of Swords, so looks like he needs to hit rock bottom before being able to pick up the pieces. Interesting that this agrees with Carrie’s assessment. Got to love tarot! I wish him luck on his journey.

  4. I was thinking Judgement.. the Awakening card.
    Charlie not only needs judgement and discernment, he really needs to WAKE UP from the state he’s in.

  5. Sahsa, you asked for one card, but it took 3 to tell the tale………

    3 of Cups, Page of Swords Reversed, and Death Reversed. This is the reading of March 5th from my notes:

    “In the midst of your party lifestyle, and unexpected messenger arrives with bad news. (2 days later he was fired). Now, you find yourself in the midst of dramatic change, and your response is to struggle and resist. This will prove to be of no avail, because any unstable situations in your life are now prone to collapse. You have two courses of action possible…..You can fight against the rising tide as it brings much needed healing to your life, or you can gracefully let go and embrace the changes. I hope you make the right choice.”

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