Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – Meet Your Personal Daemon with the Court Cards

One quality I’ve noticed about people who love and work with tarot is they are sensitive, intuitive and above all insanely creative people. I’ve a hunch that many of you have creative projects simmering, stewing or boiling over. You may, from time to time, struggle with your artistic gifts.

A recent tarot reading with Carrie Paris found me asking questions about personal creativity and production. Carrie suggested I watch the  following lecture from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love.” If you’ve a creative bone in your body, I’d advise you to do the same. You won’t be sorry:

Captivated by this idea of a daemon, I created this simple tarot exercise so you can put a face to your own personal daemon:

~ Remove your Court Cards, place them in a pile, discarding remaining cards.

~ Shuffle your court cards while thinking about your creative gifts.

~ Recall a time you were working brilliantly. A moment  you felt divine inspiration.

~ Recall what it felt like; the goosebumps on your skin, the ease in which your words, paintbrush or hands flowed.

~ When you feel ready, randomly pull a court card.

~ This is the face of your daemon.

If you’d like to share who your daemon turns out to be, drop me a line and let me know.

And no, not this Damon! 😀


11 thoughts on “Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – Meet Your Personal Daemon with the Court Cards

  1. thank you for this post, most timely 🙂
    i have watched the video before & love it!
    so i did the exercise…..
    must share my experience….
    i shuffled through the cards…
    laid them out on the table & was using my
    pendulum….. my cat came & sat on top of halp the cards…
    which to me was an indication not to bother with them 🙂
    went through the remain cards with a difinet swing
    on one…… turned it over….. the king of cups….
    for me always most positive….thanks again~
    hugs, earthdeva

    1. Dear Earthdeva,
      It sounds as if your cat is connected, if not the embodiment, of your Daemon. As far as creative delivery, I think we would all hope for such an amazing Daemon as the King of Cups. He’s my Steven Spielberg card in both imaginative power and ability to see his projects through to completion. Bask in his beautiful wisdom
      Have a gorgeous day!

  2. Interesting post, thanks tons Sasha! I got the Queen of Wands, which made perfect sense to me hehe! I also added you to my Tarot portion of my Blogroll, thanks again!!

    1. Dear Lisa,
      Thank you, I’m glad that spicy Queen made sense!! Where can I find your blog? I’d love to read it. Thanks for adding me 🙂
      All the best,

      1. Sure! 🙂 It is linked to my name on this and the original post, but can also be found by visiting AstroHerbalist.com – enjoy, and thanks for your personal response!

  3. Wonderful post! I did the reading too, and drew the Knight of Wands. I kind of feel an awkward feeling about that, like it sorta makes sense, kinda but not really… which is how my art feels to me, too, so I guess then it’s dead on. But maybe by studying the knight of wands, I can better learn to work with my creativity.

    On a personal note – I’m a belly dancer and the Arabic community still cries ‘Allah’ when they see something amazing. But they do it with such reverence and such rarity… I dunno. The reverence is what gets to me, y’know?

    1. Dear Nathara,
      Thank you so much! You know, I got a Knight as my Daemon as well. Knight of Swords.
      It made perfect sense and I’ll share, perhaps shedding light on yours as well, especially since you chose the firey Knight of Wands.
      I have always been completely boy crazy. Are you? When I look back at my teens and 20’s if I had spent just a sliver of the energy of romantic excitement into my work, I’d have published 20 books by now!
      Very recently I’ve been transferring romantic, sensual energy into creative work. Since the Knights represent a sexy, male, explosive teen energy, it made perfect sense that when I’m creating art or words, I’m also flirting.
      Does this make any sense?
      I love thinking that my Daemon is a young sexy hunk! That is exact;y who I want to spend my afternoons with 🙂
      I also think a Knight suggests a way you can capture that explosive energy in your work.
      Good luck with your work. For my money I’d focus on what propels the most when you experience a huge bust of creativity which is represented by the Knight of Wands.
      Have they ever cried Allah for you? Bet they have 🙂
      All the best,

  4. I did the personal
    Daemon reading with the Fenestra tarot and I got the Queen of Pentacles

    I don’t normally use this deck (I bought it because it was pretty) but I felt drawn to it. I think it might be fun to modify this reading if you have more than one deck, by pulling the court cards from several decks and shuffling them all together. I say this, since once you have pulled your card you could pull the others from other decks and gather insight from comparing the different interpretations.

    1. Hi Theresa,
      That is a great idea! My second go-to deck is the Devient Moon. Different decks might also be interesting in terms of discovering different Daemons for different projects or art forms. This leads us to the question, do we each get more than one Daemon???
      Have a fabulous day,

      1. Thanks! Although I must say I don’t understand the Q of Pentacles for my daemon. I don’t see myself as an earth mother, nor do I really see how that relates to my creativity. Well, except that I teach visual art–I guess that relates a little.

  5. Teresa, for the most part, the point of the Daemon exercise was to find out about your Daemon and in doing so discover something about yourself. So the fact you received the Queen of Pentacles, you can understand your Daemon as being a motherly, nurturing sort of muse. Think about how you feel about that. Then, perhaps you can even honor them in some way . . . I always think of the Queen of Pentacles as the Martha Stewart card. Perhaps you pull out one of Martha’s cookbooks or magazines as a way to alert your Daemon that you are open and ready to begin work when you start . . . Have a gorgeous weekend!

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