Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – The Star Card and Brene Brown’s Vulnerability Talk

February 14th?! Happy Valentines Day!!

Love and vulnerability. Kind of goes hand in hand doesn’t it?

I learned a long time ago that the depiction of nudity in Tarot implies vulnerability. The Star Tarot card is especially synonymous with vulnerability. Funny thing was, the quality and nature of vulnerability itself, was never anything I’d given much thought. That was, until I watched Brene Brown’s TED talk below.

The allegories of Tarot tell us many tales. I think the loveliest allegory is the three card run, Star, Moon and Sun.


Brene explains that vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, creativity and love. Were you to look The Star card’s definition in any Tarot book, you’d likely find these key words. Working with Tarot, it is through the images of the cards that we attempt (sometimes) to embrace these qualities.

Look what happens when we embrace The Star’s vulnerability ~ it takes us to the Moon card ~ feelings of unease and strangeness. But if we see it through, and embrace our discomfort, the payoff is The Sun card ~ joy, bliss and growth.

I hope you are able to open yourself today. Tell someone you love them. Accept any love that comes your way. Most importantly, to love yourself every day of the year like it’s V-day, like it’s your job, because you are enough. You are more than enough. You are divine!

Kisses and hugs,

Tarot Diva



4 thoughts on “Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – The Star Card and Brene Brown’s Vulnerability Talk

  1. Thank you, Sasha. I am trying to learn tarot for the past 100 years it seems. I really love your book. It’s down to earth and inspiring, both. I also loved this post today and the Brene Brown talk on TED
    (I love TED and FORA). I have a book to recommend: “The Language of Emotions” by Karla McLaren. Happy Hearts Day.

  2. Hi Connie. Thanks so much and I am so happy you like the book! Learning the cards, I remember being frustrated. There were so many cards and definitions, I just wanted to learn them ~ it seemed like it took forever. I will look out for that book. Thank you! 🙂

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